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Research Alliances

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    ASPRA provides a forum for Alaska policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to collectively examine evidence about challenges such as preparing students for college, career, and community life.

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    School improvement is at the heart of the ID SRAS, a partnership between REL Northwest and Idaho education stakeholders to conduct, interpret, and communicate research. The alliance’s work aims at building members’ capacity to make informed decisions about improving low-performing schools.

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    The MDUA seeks to strengthen the use of data and research to improve dropout prevention efforts and high school graduation rates. A particular focus is supporting district implementation of early warning systems that identify at-risk students and support them to reach the finish line.

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    The NW TEA is dedicated to using culturally relevant data and evidence to promote Native student academic success. Its membership comprises tribal leaders and Indian educators who participate in the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI).

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    OR CCR strives to increase Oregon students’ college and career readiness and success through research, policy, and practice. The alliance draws together leaders and practitioners from both K–12 and higher education to improve alignment between the two systems.

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    The OLN alliance seeks to promote equity for each and every Oregon student through evidence-based policies, programs, and practices. Part of a network that’s worked for more than a decade on issues of equitable practice and leadership development, the alliance particularly focuses on eliminating disparities in graduation and exclusionary discipline rates.

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    REL Northwest is partnering with the Road Map Project's English language learner (ELL) work group. The alliance is focused on using data and evidence-based research to improve the educational outcomes for ELLs in South King County and South Seattle, Washington.

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    WA ESD is using data and evidence to help ensure that Washington has coordinated and consistent statewide ESD services. Members of this alliance are focusing on school improvement, particularly improving mathematics, science, and English language arts instruction statewide.