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Idaho has more than 450,000 students spanning pre-K to postsecondary levels. Almost 17 percent of the state’s public elementary and secondary school students are identified as Hispanic.

REL Northwest’s research alliance work in the state focuses on the priority area of school improvement. Members of the Idaho System of Recognition, Accountability, and Support Research Alliance aim to build the state’s capacity to design and implement evaluations of school improvement services and to improve the use of data and research to support low-performing schools.

“ISDE has worked with REL Northwest in a cycle of Inquiry on whether the Statewide System of Support was actually providing the support that we said we were providing. Along the way, the other areas of the department were invited to participate to help in the cycle and the involvement turned to a department- wide inquiry into [not only] how we are all supporting our constituents from each of our programs but as a whole.” — Greg Alexander, Director, Statewide System of Support, Idaho State Department of Education