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Overcoming Challenges To Effectively Use Data In Rural Schools

Rural schools face unique challenges in using data for decision making, including capacity limitation and small sample sizes. How do schools overcome these challenges? What lessons can be learned from rural school leaders who are effectively using data to improve educational outcomes for students?

In this 60-minute webinar recording, Dr. Randy Trani from Corbett School District in Oregon shares how he is overcoming data use challenges at his school district. Dr. Tena Versland from Montana State University speaks to her work with rural schools in Montana who are coming together to analyze district data and build their data literacy skills. Speakers provide examples of how to successfully use data for decision making and maximize limited resources for gathering and reporting data.

Intended audience

Rural school- and district-level staff members who are interested in integrating data use more seamlessly into their day-to-day decision making will find this webinar most relevant.