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Alaska State Policy Research Alliance (ASPRA)

ASPRA provides a forum for Alaska policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to collectively examine evidence about challenges such as preparing students for college, career, and community life.

Read a February 2016 blog post about ASPRA on our parent organization’s page: Helping Guide Alaska Policymakers in Using Data and Evidence

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ASPRA comprises state and local policymakers and researchers from Alaska’s education and workforce systems, representatives from Alaska Native groups, and business and community members. The alliance’s goals are to:

  • Build common awareness and knowledge of research evidence about supporting schools to prepare students to be college and career ready
  • Increase the capacity of Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (EED) staff, other state agency representatives, and superintendents to conduct high-quality research and to share the evidence with legislators and other stakeholders
  • Increase the use of evidence and research in making education policy decisions at the state and local levels

Toward these goals, activities to date include:

  • Helping stakeholders reach a common understanding of college, career, and cultural readiness
  • Identifying college-ready indicators that are available in existing data and can help track progress toward college readiness goals
  • Providing technical assistance to help members conduct rigorous evaluations of state programs and policies, as well as to inventory and assess data quality
  • Increasing the capacity of Alaska’s state agency staff and superintendents to conduct high-quality research and to share evidence with legislators and other stakeholders