Ask A REL Reference Desk

Prompt, authoritative, and customized information for Northwest educators … at no charge!

Need research about education policies, programs, and practices? REL Northwest’s professional librarian conducts literature searches for the best available research and provides resources customized to regional stakeholders’ needs. Personal responses may include:

  • Referrals to REL research alliance projects and to other regional educational laboratories
  • Referrals to Institute of Education Sciences research projects and technical assistance providers
  • References to evidence-based research
  • Regional educational information specific to your state or community
  • Data and analysis support in the areas of school improvement, college and career readiness, and educational equity

To request assistance, research, or to obtain additional information, contact REL Northwest’s reference librarian, Jennifer Klump, 503.275.0454 or 800.547.6339, ext. 454

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